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Last Minute Power Supply

In this blog, we talk about a recent photography project turned into a power supply building frenzy.

New to us, the project involved some product photography work. With no experience, the team scrambled to assemble light box, staff brought in their own camera from home. While we thought we have everything ready, we noticed nowadays digital cameras do not come with AC power supply. This is absurd!

Still flying Nitro? Time to Re-build your starter

Extreme Makeover of the Dynatron starter

We have this starter for about 8+ years, it is a great product and the motor is running very strong. Originally converted it to NiCd cordless (15.6V) system but during years of usage, the NiCd have passed their life span and no longer take/hold charge well. Starting helicopter has becoming more and more a frustration process. Emmm… Time for a new design.

Here is the current setup.

  • Sullivan Dynatron S603 Super Power Starter
  • Custom plexiglass bracket battery holder
  • Multiple no-name NiCd batteries are from the nineties ( 2 x 7.2 in parallel) + (2 x 8.4 in parallel) in serial

If you need to view larger photos, go to our Flickr page.

Worth mentioning was the plexiglass mount , loved the design and fabrication. The K&S rubber battery holder mount underneath it securely. Anyhow, it is now retired. Did I mention there were a couple of times the switch blade arc welded itself together?

An introduction of professional tools for hobby community – Part 3


Using computer, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and modeling software; Not only we can visualize our design, we now can test, assemble and see how the parts fit before we start making them. Dramatically reduce error and bad design as a result. In this blog, we want to assist beginners by sharing our views on using these technologies, knowing the basics and transitioning your design from screen to a real part.

An introduction of professional tools for hobby community – Part 2

Welcome back!

Following a successful Part 1, we will show you more measuring tools, followed by some milling and lathe operations.

Note that our post is written as a general intro for our hobby community, we are using our own tools from Binary Taskforce R&D lab for simplicity reason. Hope our write up can provide assistance to you in the future for your RC modeling and hobby needs. Please visit our Flickr page for larger photos.


An introduction of professional tools for hobby community

Hello Readers,

Various tools and machinery can be found in our Binary Taskforce (Research and Development) lab, we use these equipment on a daily basis for company research, prototyping and product designs. As RC model and hobbies are getting more advanced, many of these tools are now being used in the RC field, we see a lot of them being used and discussed in RC forums and web sites.

For helping those new to the RC model hobby, we decided to write up a quick introduction and basic how-to on these tools. This is our way to contribute, we hope you find it useful.

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