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Electronic Dummy Load

Searching the Internet you will find many varieties of Electronics dummy load projects. You will need this device when you want to create a load in your circuit, or to see how your well your battery or solar panel holding up. When you think creating a load that light bulb in your junk box no longer kick it, perhaps its time you need to buy or make your own dummy load device.

Even if you decide to buy, do your own research so that you know what you need.

We made one during last Christmas holidays, it was a fun project and it is a very useful tool.

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From zero to hero in electronics

Greetings readers,

The past couple of months, we formed a small team to support our technology research in electronics and R&D in Physical Computing. As many of you may know already, our R&D lab consists mainly developers and machinists, none of us owned a 300 in 1 electronics lab kit when we were young. In this blog, we will show you how some of us ramp up our EE knowledge and to compile a quick introduction to Electronics for our readers. It wont turn you into an overnight electronics engineer but hopefully, we will all learn something useful. So let’s get started.

JR G5000T Extreme Tail Lock Gyro Tear Down

During spring cleaning last year, we found the JR G5000T Extreme Tail Lock Gyro from one of our helicopters quitted working. Since this is the only as well as the last JR brand gyroscope, we did not bother troubleshooting and replace it with a Futaba unit. Time went on and the G5000T sitting in our spare parts box marked “DEAD” until today.

Well, what about a teardown and learn about the design together?