An introduction of professional tools for hobby community – Part 2

Welcome back!

Following a successful Part 1, we will show you more measuring tools, followed by some milling and lathe operations.

Note that our post is written as a general intro for our hobby community, we are using our own tools from Binary Taskforce R&D lab for simplicity reason. Hope our write up can provide assistance to you in the future for your RC modeling and hobby needs. Please visit our Flickr page for larger photos.


An introduction of professional tools for hobby community

Hello Readers,

Various tools and machinery can be found in our Binary Taskforce (Research and Development) lab, we use these equipment on a daily basis for company research, prototyping and product designs. As RC model and hobbies are getting more advanced, many of these tools are now being used in the RC field, we see a lot of them being used and discussed in RC forums and web sites.

For helping those new to the RC model hobby, we decided to write up a quick introduction and basic how-to on these tools. This is our way to contribute, we hope you find it useful.

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Aluminium adapter for the K&S Starter shaft (Archive)

Another archive material in the early years we now publish on to the web.

Most of us RC Heli flyers purchased this wonderful hex shaft starter adapter from K&S Japan, we did too back in 2002. A quick check up and we noticed currently this starter adapter is still in production and available in an enhanced version. Link to K&S starter accessory page.

Minimill DRO installation

Previously mentioned from another post, we have a bench sized mini-mill for quick prototyping and parts creation. Back then we purchased some scales and setup DRO on this milling machine but never have a chance to document the process for sharing.

Yeah!! Our subscription to Flickr and WordPress now allow us to blog about the process with pictures. Follow link to Flickr Photo set of Mini-mill DRO pictures