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Books to read in August

In the month of August, we found our staff reading two books (surprisingly one in softcover and one e-book version). After much interrogation here are the titles, now you know what the pros are reading.

Title: Version Control with Subversion (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 978-0-596-51033-6
Author: C.Michael Pilato, Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian W. Fitzpatrick
Category: Computers

Title: jQuery Mobile Up and Running
ISBN: 978-1-449-39765-4
Author: Maximiliano Firtman
Category: Computers


Team BTF

Setting up sendmail for home office / workshop mail relaying

[Article updated 22 Oct, 2016]

Recently, our workshop completed some OS and software upgrades. Here we are posting some field notes on setting up an internal mail relay server, which is one of many long overdue tasks. Hopefully this will benefit anyone working on similar projects.

Why mail relay?

Here in our shop, besides regular desktop workstations which are Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird based, we also have quite a few “low-tech” network devices that communicate using SMTP. These devices such as UPS, Multi-Function Printers, Nagios and Security Cameras all use SMTP for alert and notifications.

Nice and Easy Reverse FTP transfer


After spending countless hours to complete a new web project for your client, your PHPs are lined up and FileZilla is ready for action. The most shocking moment would be finding your client’s ISP offers only a low-end File Manager. Oh boy! just WordPress 3.1.0 alone equals to 82 folders and 835 files nowadays.


How about a reverse FTP transfer process and have the web server come to you for the files? We found some scripts from the Binary Taskforce web team development toolbox that may help. Read on…