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Setting up SNMPTRAPD to support Crestron SNMP implementation

(I) Preparing the Crestron Control System Processor

  • Launch Crestron Toolbox
  • Make sure IP address is assigned to Control System Processor
  • Select SNMP configuration from Functions menu. Enable SNMP and reboot processor.
  • Add a new SNMP manager, enter IP address of SNMP manager and specify community string. For demonstration purposes we name the community string ‘connectrix’ with both read and write access. Make sure System Processor can reach the defined SNMP manager (i.e. ping test)

Project p-DRP-0057 – Status Update

Hello Readers

Seen enough sneak peak of our p-DRP-0057 Windows program from our Twitter account? Maybe it is time for us to give a public introduction.

p-DRP-0057 is a telemetry and monitoring system for remote control model, a scaled down derivative embedded software development from our core business project on telemetry. (Hey, there is always time for play!!!) The system features a micro-controller driven telemetry and sensing module installed on the model, the module relays data captured (includes RC signal to servos and various on-board sensors.) to a Windows console running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


From zero to hero in electronics

Greetings readers,

The past couple of months, we formed a small team to support our technology research in electronics and R&D in Physical Computing. As many of you may know already, our R&D lab consists mainly developers and machinists, none of us owned a 300 in 1 electronics lab kit when we were young. In this blog, we will show you how some of us ramp up our EE knowledge and to compile a quick introduction to Electronics for our readers. It wont turn you into an overnight electronics engineer but hopefully, we will all learn something useful. So let’s get started.