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Books to read in August

In the month of August, we found our staff reading two books (surprisingly one in softcover and one e-book version). After much interrogation here are the titles, now you know what the pros are reading.

Title: Version Control with Subversion (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 978-0-596-51033-6
Author: C.Michael Pilato, Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian W. Fitzpatrick
Category: Computers

Title: jQuery Mobile Up and Running
ISBN: 978-1-449-39765-4
Author: Maximiliano Firtman
Category: Computers


Team BTF

More books to read in January

Happy New Year Readers!!

In this brand new month of January of 2012, BTF is all about reading on electronics and prototyping. Ever since our last minute power supply blog, we are hooked in electronics. During the holidays, we did some old hardware tear down (Yep, we will write a blog on Gyro tear down soon).