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Books to read in August

In the month of August, we found our staff reading two books (surprisingly one in softcover and one e-book version). After much interrogation here are the titles, now you know what the pros are reading.

Title: Version Control with Subversion (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 978-0-596-51033-6
Author: C.Michael Pilato, Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian W. Fitzpatrick
Category: Computers

Title: jQuery Mobile Up and Running
ISBN: 978-1-449-39765-4
Author: Maximiliano Firtman
Category: Computers


Team BTF

From zero to hero in electronics

Greetings readers,

The past couple of months, we formed a small team to support our technology research in electronics and R&D in Physical Computing. As many of you may know already, our R&D lab consists mainly developers and machinists, none of us owned a 300 in 1 electronics lab kit when we were young. In this blog, we will show you how some of us ramp up our EE knowledge and to compile a quick introduction to Electronics for our readers. It wont turn you into an overnight electronics engineer but hopefully, we will all learn something useful. So let’s get started.

JR G5000T Extreme Tail Lock Gyro Tear Down

During spring cleaning last year, we found the JR G5000T Extreme Tail Lock Gyro from one of our helicopters quitted working. Since this is the only as well as the last JR brand gyroscope, we did not bother troubleshooting and replace it with a Futaba unit. Time went on and the G5000T sitting in our spare parts box marked “DEAD” until today.

Well, what about a teardown and learn about the design together?

Quest Corporation Japan, Impaction & Caliber line of RC Helicopters

Content Updated: 17 October 2015

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Since December of 2010, it has been more than a year since Quest Corporation Japan acquired the Caliber line of RC helicopters from Kyosho. Binary Taskforce recently researched their business, product lines and recent activities. Presenting our findings in this blog, worldwide Caliber owners will get to know about this company and continue the support of this amazing model.

Corporate Website:

Facebook Website:

More books to read in January

Happy New Year Readers!!

In this brand new month of January of 2012, BTF is all about reading on electronics and prototyping. Ever since our last minute power supply blog, we are hooked in electronics. During the holidays, we did some old hardware tear down (Yep, we will write a blog on Gyro tear down soon).