Setting up SNMPTRAPD to support Crestron SNMP implementation

(I) Preparing the Crestron Control System Processor

  • Launch Crestron Toolbox
  • Make sure IP address is assigned to Control System Processor
  • Select SNMP configuration from Functions menu. Enable SNMP and reboot processor.
  • Add a new SNMP manager, enter IP address of SNMP manager and specify community string. For demonstration purposes we name the community string ‘connectrix’ with both read and write access. Make sure System Processor can reach the defined SNMP manager (i.e. ping test)


  • Click Security button and make sure community has appropriate SNMP security access level

(II) Preparing SNMP Server

  • Prepare SNMP support on Linux server (In our case it’s a Debian Linux server)
  • Assign IP address to Linux server (matching the IP address you specify with SNMP manager specified from within Control Processor earlier)
  • Install SNMP services

apt-get install snmp
apt-get install snmpd
apt-get install snmptrapd

  • Create config file for snmptrapd under /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf. This allow snmptrapd to start with proper configuration. (i.e. Matching community string as Crestron System Processor)

authCommunity log,execute,net connectrix

  • Download MIBs from Crestron website

  • Extract MIBs and upload Crestron’s MIBs to Debain server. You can place them along with the default MIBs (/var/lib/mibs/ietf/)
  • Determine how snmptrapd is run.

snmptrapd –a –m /var/lib/mibs/ietf/ –f –Lo –c /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf –F “%y-%m-%l %h:%j:%k %b %v\n”

  • Review man snmptrapd for more information but here is a quick overview
  • -a : Ignore authenticationFailure trap
  • -m : load specific Crestron MIBs
  • -f : Do not fork() from the calling shell, run only single instance.
  • -L0 : Output trap to console in realtime
  • -c : use snmptrapd config file
  • -F : Display trap captured in a specific format defined

Now write some code on SIMPL to generate SMNPTrap, you should see something like this being captured.

2016-10-16 10:28:50 UDP: [Crestron]:49153->[Debian]:162 SNMPv2-SMI::mib- = Timeticks: (6430481) 17:51:44.81 SNMPv2-SMI::snmpModules. = OID: SNMPv2-SMI::snmpModules. CRESTRON-IO-MIB::crestronIoDigitalTrapData = INTEGER: on(1) CRESTRON-IO-MIB::crestronIoAnalogTrapData = INTEGER: 1 CRESTRON-IO-MIB::crestronIoSerialTrapData = STRING: "This is test message 1" SNMPv2-SMI::snmpModules. = OID: SNMPv2-SMI::snmpModules.

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