Project p-DRP-0057 – Transmitter Unit Installation


Carry on from our September p-DRP-0057 project blog, the scratch built transmitter unit holds various electronic components including Xbee, sensors and signal status LEDs. We will talk about the installation onto our model here.


This is what what we imagine the installation will look like, with LED see through from model windshield. The two LEDs show (i) Status of wireless data communications and (ii) Overall monitoring status.


The module prototype is shown here

While the module needs to be affixed to the body shell (internally) and away from other electronics, we need to position it so that the status LEDs can be seen thru the model windshield from afar. The vertical positioning is crucial.



Above diagram is the side cut-out view of RC model Lexan body shell, the front of the model is pointing left. The black line represents the Lexan body, slopping upward is the windshield to the roof of the model. We will drill 4 holes on the roof for mounting. The stand-offs extend downwards from the roof from the inside, we will use RC fuel line tubing (Light Blue color) to adjust the height of vertical hang, fuel tubing conforms to the contour of the roof once screws are tightened.

We will post a few pictures on our photo journal sections later.


That’s all for now. Later! Team BTF

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