Project p-DRP-0057 – Transmitter Unit

Hello Readers

Our p-DRP-0057 project is going on stronger than before, we hope to get a working unit running and tested before Winter. It is entirely doable but the leaves are falling fast and we need to work harder!


Fresh from the oven, we just completed prototyping of Transmitter unit hardware. This Transmitter unit is to be installed under the roof of the model, it houses the Xbee wireless module, temp. sensor and there is a 8 wire header underneath for it to connect back to the Monitoring module.

Check this out. There are two LEDs on the left.

Corresponding to the drawing above, the two very bright LEDs function as:

  • Wireless Connection Status (Blue LED), flashing when wireless function is operational. Page 20 of Xbee S2B manual showed the Associate LED pin will flash differently depending on the state of the module to the network.
  • Monitoring unit Status (Red LED), solid Red shows unit testing routine.

We will be mounting the board onto our test bed RC car next.

For those who wanted to know about the project p-DRP-0057, please visit the link below.

Parts Used

Stay tuned and Cheers!

Team BTF.


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