Project p-DRP-0057 – Status Update

Hello Readers

Seen enough sneak peak of our p-DRP-0057 Windows program from our Twitter account? Maybe it is time for us to give a public introduction.

p-DRP-0057 is a telemetry and monitoring system for remote control model, a scaled down derivative embedded software development from our core business project on telemetry. (Hey, there is always time for play!!!) The system features a micro-controller driven telemetry and sensing module installed on the model, the module relays data captured (includes RC signal to servos and various on-board sensors.) to a Windows console running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


The concept diagram above shows a regular remote control model components in (Blue) and the additional telemetry and data relaying in (Orange). This telemetry project allows us to research:

  1. How small / light weight the telemetry could be?
  2. How fast (in data sampling) that will benefit RC modeling community? and last but not least, with this system in place…
  3. How to avoid any potential signal intrusion / operation interruption within the current remote control system?

Only time will tell. First, we will share the development abstract on the telemetry module.  The central processing unit is an Atmel micro-controller, responsible for interpreting servo signals and capturing sensor values. Collected information are prepared for wireless transmission.


The micro controller carries out these tasks:

  • Interpret servo signal from channels
  • Sampling data from sensors
  • Packing data for payload delivery
  • Forward data to wireless component via UART

We will blog about the physical design of the telemetry module next. Looking forward to release this platform for public testing soon.

That’s all for now.

Team BTF

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