Amateur Radio Operator Certificate

Amateur Radio Operator Certificate


Hello readers,

For 2014, one of our goals is to complete an Amateur Radio Operator Certificate. This common goal among the team is to a attain the certification with basic qualification. As a start, this will allow us to get more in-depth research, studies in regards to radio technology and radio technique.


The Radiocommunication Regulations describe the amateur radio service as a “radiocommunication service in which radio apparatus are used for the purpose of self-training, intercommunication or technical investigation by individuals who are interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest.

Lets get started

So we started this new blog (our first in 2014) to document our journey. We plan on posting our study as we moving along so please make sure to check back often, this will be a on-going blog until …… Success.

Jan 2014

Starting with Googling the topics, downloading documentation, reading things online and how others accomplish the task. We found the following links are good read:

Official document:

Additional resources:

We downloaded RIC-7 which is a PDF file on the qualification questions. We found the layout of the PDF file wasn’t good for hard copy printing (i.e. Multiple choice line items are not clearly listed), however printing the HTML version directly off website is much better. We printed all the sample questions (Questions B-001 to B-008) double sided (2 copies in total)

  • Leave one copy as-is for reference
  • Black out the answers on the 2nd copy

You can see each question starts with B-001-01-01 (1), the number in bracket is the answer to the question itself. So it is the best to black them out at the beginning and the question sheet is now ready. You can now make more copies for repeated practices.

Jan 2015 updates

  • Procrastination sucks! Don’t do that readers!
  • This blog is targeted for Canadian amateurs pursuing their hamradio license
  • Canadian test is MUCH MUCH harder (100 multiple choice questions)

Continue reading (Part 2)

Team BTF

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