After you post that tweet!!!

Hello Internet readers,

Just dropping a note to show an interesting observation! We posted this tweet on 9 Feb 2013 at 10:06am.

After the tweet, we browsed our web server log and records showed numerous bots visited our tweeted URL (our photo journal page) practically right after the tweet is posted. Amazing!

Here are a list of bots that visited us in the 1st minute.


UnwindFetchor ( –

NING – –

TweetmemeBot/3.0 –

JS-Kit URL Resolver – –

RebelMouse/0.1 –

PaperLiBot/2.1 –

In summary, here is what we learned.

In this particular case, Internet web access to our Tweeted URL ( requires 37 independent requests and roughly 270KB of data. Assuming, at least 10 bots accessing the site after a tweet is posted, that is 2.7MB. Of course, some readers will argue that these bots may not capture the entire content provided by the web server. However, this is something for all webmasters to consider when measuring bandwidth and web server performance.


Team BTF.

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