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Content Updated: 17 October 2015

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Since December of 2010, it has been more than a year since Quest Corporation Japan acquired the Caliber line of RC helicopters from Kyosho. Binary Taskforce recently researched their business, product lines and recent activities. Presenting our findings in this blog, worldwide Caliber owners will get to know about this company and continue the support of this amazing model.

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A historical Time-line on Caliber Helicopter family

Kyosho did a splendid job introducing the Caliber to the market in late 90s. Started with the original Caliber 60 to replace the aging Concept 60, soon followed by the short lived smaller Caliber M50, which was available to the Japanese market only. The beginning of 2002, Kyosho offered the new Caliber 30 and 90 to the market with success.

Five years after M50, Kyosho introduced the 50 class coined Caliber 5 in 2005. The same year, Caliber ZG, based on Caliber 90 with a Zenoah G260PUH engine for aerial photography was released.

The entire Caliber family received an upgrade in 2006. A complete a redesign, most noticeable was the one-piece flybar and using some components from Caliber 5, the Caliber 30 was renamed to Caliber 3. Caliber 5 received a metal head treatment and branded with a M version. Caliber 90 also received a lower carbon frame enhancement, larger 600cc fuel tank upgrade and 140 CCPM support, renamed as Caliber 90 ’06 version.

Being introduced in 2007, the Caliber 4 was an upgrade to Caliber 3, featured a complete redesigned servo frame plus replaced plastic bushings with ball bearings. Caliber 6 replaced the 5 in 2008. The larger fuel tank replaced the header tank and tail got a push-pull tail servo mechanism.

Kyosho also released some completely assembled, ready to fly electric RC helicopter models, ranging from Caliber 120, 400, 450 and 700 respectively. The time of writing, these models are still being sold by Kyosho and will not be discussing in this article.

Quest Corporation Japan

Quest Corporation (Japan)

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Quest Corporation (Nanjing)


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Established in 1989, the privately owned Japanese company started as a manufacturer of hardness tester. The RC manufacturing history began a year after when Quest started producing RC helicopter parts and mechanical gyroscope, being an OEM supplier for various Japanese RC vendors. With about 10 staff operating in two Japan locations; the primary business, R&D being carried out in Nagano headquarter office and a branch office handling sales in Kanagawa. Their manufacturing sector has about 70 staff members in Nanjing, the ISO9001 certified facility is equipped with a variety of moulding, painting and assembly stations. It became solely owned by Quest in 2004.

In 2008, the company started manufacturing 2.4GHz radio for remote control models, recent acquisition include Kyosho Caliber product line in 2010.

Nature of business activities include radio control model designs, parts manufacturing and sales. Also small batch production, prototyping and assembly services. Servicing major clients in radio control modeling field including Kyosho Corporation, K & S, Fun Tech and Hirobo.

Product Line Up

[4Q of 2014]

Multi rotor quadcopter CX-20

  • Ready to fly – Requires 8ch remote control (QM1001)
  • Ready to fly – Includes Futaba R3008SB receiver (QM1002)
  • Ready to fly – Includes JR RG831B receiver (QM1003)
  • Ready to fly – Includes Futaba 10J & R3008SB (QM1004)
  • Ready to fly – Includes JRXG8 & RG831B (QM1005)

[3Q of 2013]

Introduced latest flagship Impaction E12S-787.

  • Impaction E12S-787 – Flybar version (QH1155); YS paint (QH1156)
  • Impaction E12S-787 – Flybar version with Funtech Staysee 800 (QH1162)
  • Impaction E12S-787 – Flybarless version (QH1157); YS paint (QH1158)
  • Impaction E12S-787 – 3 Blade version (QH1159); YS paint (QH1160)

Length1,495 mm
Overall Height435mm
Gear Ratio10.53:1:5.06
Gross WeightAbout 5,400 g
Main Rotor Diameter1,726 mm (760mm rotor is used)
Tail Rotor Diameter290mm (105mm tail rotor is used)

[1Q of 2013]

  • New FRP canopy for Neo-Caliber 30,50 and E6S

[4Q of 2012]

The company extended the Neo-Caliber 90 Ver06 by supporting the new OS GT-15Hz gasoline engine. The new Neo-Caliber GT15-700 kit (QH1122).

  • Neo-Caliber GT15-700 for YS paint (QH1123)
  • Neo-Caliber GT15-700 FBL (QH1124)
  • Neo-Caliber GT15-700 FBL for YS paint (QH1125)

Also released in the same quarter of 2012, a new version of Impaction E12S-720 (QH1112)

  • Impaction E12S-720 3-Blade (QH1114)
  • Released a complete ready to fly package Neo-Cablier 30 Nitro with JR XG6 (QH1097)

[3Q of 2012]

  • FBL12 3-Blade Rotor head with Swatchplate (QH0080) for Neo-Caliber 90, ZG, Impaction E12S
  • 3-Blade version of Neo-Caliber 30 (QH1060) and 50 (QH1076)
  • 3-Blade version of Neo-Caliber E6S-550 (QH1080)

[2Q of 2012]

  • Mini-Flyer (QTH0001)
  • New FRP Canopy for Neo-Caliber 30,50 and E6S

[1Q of 2012]

  • 3-Axis Gyro (QP0017)

[3Q of 2011]

  • Neo-Caliber 50 Sports (QH1012)
  • Neo-Caliber 90 Ver06 conversion kit to E12S (QH0059)

[2Q of 2011]

Neo-Caliber E6S-550 FBL (QH1013)

  • Neo-Caliber E6S-550 Sports (QH1014)
  • Neo-Caliber 50 FBL (QH1010)
  • FBL10 Rotor head (QH0002) for Kyosho Caliber 30/3, 4, 5, 6 and 700. Neo-Caliber 30

[1Q of 2011]

The company released the flagship Impaction E12S Caliber kit (QH1002). This E12S kit features main frame very similar to Fun Tech, a bottom mount snapping battery holder allows quick exchange of main battery.

  • The original Nitro version of Caliber 90 ’06 got rebranded as Neo-Caliber 90 Ver06 as product number (QH1007)
  • Neo-Caliber 30 Sports package (QH1003)
  • Neo-Caliber 30 FBL package (QH1004)

[2010 Dec]

When Quest Corporation took over the Caliber line of helicopters, their first priority was to rebrand the flagship product. Their first release of (QH0001) was all parts needed to build around the Impaction conversion frame from Fun Tech.

QH1002 – The flagship Impaction E12S Caliber kit

The company continued to push out new products in 2011. (i) Full metal FBL head compatible with Caliber 30, Caliber 3,4,5,6 and EP 700 (ii) The new electric Neo-Caliber E6S-550 based on the Neo-Caliber 30 mechanics were added (iii) Zenoah G260PUH engine based Neo-Caliber ZG joined the product line up in June, followed by (iv) Neo-Caliber 50 with Sport and FBL package.

Public Appearances

The Nanjing subsidiary participated the 8th Shanghai International Model Exhibition 2011 (SIME 2011). As seen from below photo (credit to RC Mania), the booth displayed a partial of their model line (Starting from Left: Scaled model of plastic helmet, Neo-Caliber 30 Sport, Neo-Caliber 30 E6S-550 FBL, Neo-Caliber ZG and the flagship Impaction E12S Caliber kit with Staysee fuse).

Hanging off the left wall were some OEM vacuum formed, injection moulded plastic parts and various RC products for Kyosho.

Booth background photos consist of Neo-Caliber product shots as well as F3C Japan National competition from previous years. [Follow RC Mania link for more information]

Late 2011 there were indications that Nanjing location is expanding, various employment postings were found on Chinese recruitment websites.

  • Silkscreen and printing technician
  • Purchasing
  • Quality control manager and QC staffing
  • Mould designer, Mould making machinist and Injection moulding technician
  • Electronics Engineer

This concludes our research report.

As a courtesy, BTF submitted an official email informing Quest Corporation in regards to our research. We hope the worldwide RC communities will benefit from this article, get to know the new Neo-Caliber line of models and most importantly, continue the support of this amazing model.

Enjoy, Team BTF.

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