More books to read in January

Happy New Year Readers!!

In this brand new month of January of 2012, BTF is all about reading on electronics and prototyping. Ever since our last minute power supply blog, we are hooked in electronics. During the holidays, we did some old hardware tear down (Yep, we will write a blog on Gyro tear down soon).

There are two books caught our attention during our recent bookstore visit. All about electronics and some are for newbies like us. Check them out!

Title: Tab Electronics “Guide To Understanding” – Electricity and Electronics 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-0071360579
Author: G. Randy Slone
Category: Science and Engineering

Title: All New Electronics Self Teaching Guide
ISBN: 978-0470289617
Author: Harry Kybett and Earl Boysen
Category: Science and Engineering

Hope we can found these books in library, we will soon write a review for our readers!

Team BTF

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