F3C layout in 3D using Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is 3D modeling tool, the software is free for anyone to use and is available for download directly from Google website. The current version is 8.0 and is compatible with Windows XP and above also Mac OS X (10.5 and above).

Google SketchUp website, Google SketchUp version 8.0 & Google SketchUp viewer

Virtual F3C Layout file: F3C Layout.skp (2.91 MB) hosted under hotfile.com

FAI Sporting Code Section 4

Based on the official FAI Sporting Code Section 4 – 2011 Edition, F3C – Radio Control Model Helicopters competition document, section 5.4.A we created a virtual F3C Contest area.

There are many photos and videos of FAI F3C competition are available on the Internet, these media give us a general idea of what the competition is about. In a F3C world competition, pilots from each country are put into groups. One pilot at a time, they perform predefined schedules of hovering and aerobatic maneuvers within a time frame in front of panel of judges. Individual and team champions are determined after receiving highest score from judges among multiple rounds of competition.

While most of the pictures and videos are captured from the spectator area or in spectator’s perspective. To give our readers various first person’s views, our 3D modeling team rough drafted a F3C layout using Google SketchUp. Using the viewer and F3C SketchUp layout file, you can change camera positions and viewing angles to find out what it is like be the pilot or the caller. Change position so you can see from a view point of judges, team manger and spectators.

Isometric view of officials, pilots and mechanics area

Isometric view of judges panel

Helipad and Pilot Circle

Team manager box looking out to flight line

More photos from Binarytaskforce Virtual F3C Layout in 3D photostream


Team BTF

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