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Various tools and machinery can be found in our Binary Taskforce (Research and Development) lab, we use these equipment on a daily basis for company research, prototyping and product designs. As RC model and hobbies are getting more advanced, many of these tools are now being used in the RC field, we see a lot of them being used and discussed in RC forums and web sites.

For helping those new to the RC model hobby, we decided to write up a quick introduction and basic how-to on these tools. This is our way to contribute, we hope you find it useful.

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Precision Measuring

Surface Plate

The surface plate is a grade B toolroom 12″ x 18″ black granite, it is used for prototype setup, part validation and measurements. In RC model world, we use the plate to assist various type of set ups. Such as lining up of RC helicopter frames to suspension alignment for RC cars, etc. Here is more info on Surface Plate and How To.

Above picture shows Height gauge at the very back, on the left there is angle plate, 1-2-3 blocks and V-blocks. There is a square spirit level bubble vial at the corner to verify the surface plate is sitting on perfect level ground.

Height, Depth and Dial Gauges, Calipers, Micrometers

All engineers and machinists have them in their tool chest. We use these common tools for general measurements and getting parts back into CAD drawing (i.e. A reverse engineering process). Most of our equipments are digital and from Mitutoyo.

Caliper how To, Height Guage how To and Depth Gauge how To

Dial Indicator

Possibility the most important measuring tool of all. This is what you need to balance shaft, find high point, testing roundness, flatness of parts and much more. Sometimes you need more than one for some setup.

Dial indicator usually mounts stationary and probing the part being measured.

How to use a dial indicator

Digital Protractor

Here is a photo of a digital protractor being used on a RC Helicopter setup rig. A Kyosho Caliber 60 is sitting on the rig, we use the rig to assist setting up phasing, locking up flybar and measure blade pitch. Reviews

That’s all for now, go to part 2.

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